Wedding-dress shopping can be hard on your body image – it can be difficult to find something that fits comfortably and makes you feel beautiful.

Then, there’s that assumption that you’re going to drop dress sizes – from your mother-in-law, your friends, and often bridal-wear salespeople. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to diet (unless you want to). Your wedding is about looking beautiful, of course, but that doesn’t have to mean being tiny. Your groom-to-be thinks you’re gorgeous just the way you are, or he wouldn’t be marrying you. And so do we.

The Daisy Difference

At Daisy, we’ve always believed that brides come in all shapes and sizes. We want all our brides to go away feeling beautiful, comfortable, and proud of their bodies.

Our designer, Katie Yeung knows how to flatter all body shapes. She works with our brides to figure out what ‘flattering’ means to them. It doesn’t necessarily mean looking thinner or concealing some body parts (although for some women it does). Flattering can also mean a dress that accentuates your curves and emphasises the parts you like best.

After years in the wedding industry, we’ve found that the same issues with dressing different kinds of bodies come up over and over again. Here are our tips for overcoming these, so you feel like your most beautiful self.

Breasts: support in style

If you have larger breasts, you already know how difficult they can be in certain clothes. We get it. You don’t want to feel squashed in your dress, but you don’t want to feel unsupported either.

All our dresses include some level of support for your bust – from light corseting to heavier boning. Even if they may not look it, they can all be worn by people with larger busts – up to a bra size of FF.

Take a look at our stunning Oxford RoseMallow, and Claudine if you’re after extra bust support. But if you love a certain style and think it won’t work with your bust, don’t let that put you off. Come in for a fit – we’ll help you find a solution or add extra support to the design.

Hips: it’s all about balance

Generous hips are gorgeous, but many women feel uncomfortable with their hip and stomach area and don’t want to emphasise it too much.

If you want to balance out your hips and belly, a bias-cut skirt can be a good way to go. They’re cut with a flattering drape that falls just below the bust, smoothing out hips and avoiding awkward clinginess over the belly. Our ClaudineMallowSnow LotusRosemary, and Tulip dresses are all beautifully balanced.

Celebrating your curves

Feeling bold? Go for that va-va-voom look with a curve-hugging sheath dress. Look for slightly stretch fabric, a close-fitting cut, and an hourglass silhouette.

Check out our AzaleaPeony and Rosie gowns for subtle curve enhancement, and the AsteliaMoss Rose, and Bluebell to really emphasise your figure.

Skimming over your shape

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to play down your curves. We can help you choose a dress which skims over your shape, if that’s what feels most comfortable to you.

Look for a snug fit in the bodice and bust, flowing down to an A-line skirt. This gives you a defined waist, but doesn’t emphasise your hips and butt. Luckily, this tends to be a classic bridal style – some examples in our range include Oxford Rose, LavenderPansyDaffodil, and Snow Lotus.

Visit our showroom for help finding a dress for your shape and size.

Photo Credit: Real Daisy bride, Jenna and husband Walter.