Gown: Daisy Wren

Photographer: Kerryn Lee 

Hey there, 

I just wanted to share these photos and some words of thanks.

It’s no secret that a girl’s wedding dress needs to be special, and whilst my gorgeous Daisy Wren was everything I have ever dreamt of on the day I married my soul mate Gary, my dress meant so much more. 

When my then-boyfriend proposed my mum was terminally ill. We planned everything in what felt like a whirlwind in the hope that she would be able to attend but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. She was however well enough to join me dress shopping and after trying on a few dresses she was starting to feel unwell. When I came out in my final dress her face lit up and she simply stated “this is the one my girl”… and it most certainly was. 

So, whilst my beautiful Daisy Wren was everything I had ever wanted in my wedding dress (those details!!)  it also holds my most cherished moments shared with my mum. I couldn’t have wanted anything more in a dress, and in the memories it represents. 

xx Jess