Tips for styling your perfect wedding.

Styling your wedding isn’t just about styling yourself. You’re one of the most important bits, of course, but there are loads of options to help bring everything together, regardless of the design you have in mind.

Start with a stylist

If you have big ideas for your even bigger day, but not a clue where to start, a wedding stylist will make life simpler. Call them the project managers of the wedding world – they’ll bring your ideas to life and source all those details you thought impossible.

One Lovely Day can create entire events in any style you like – traditional, modern, fun, vintage – their work speaks for itself. If you’re only looking for a special touch here and there they can help with that, too.

Think natural tree branches, carefully laid to create an aisle right to your forest altar. Then have your guests listen to smooth saxophone jazz and dine under the stars at a rustic alfresco table lit by string lights. Pop the softest fur on over your sheer lace gown and you’ll be set to celebrate into the wee hours.

Striking lighting and greenery might be your inspiration, from ‘I do’ to throwing that lily-filled bouquet. A gown with long sleeves is great for providing a blank canvas for those in-season florals to contrast, and a stunning lace detail means you don’t need to go overboard with accessories.

Two Foxes is a fabulous event crew who have loads of experience with styling and wedding planning – to all degrees. A full top-to-bottom service, they’ll give you ideas like classic timber frames adorned with palm fronds and oversized florals, framed by a decorative carpet. And they have a knack for making an indoor space feel outdoors. Perfect if you don’t trust the weather.

To keep your guests guessing, you could give a dramatic gown some glamour by styling with clean lines or modern twists, like a bamboo teepee. Smart choices for styling means it’s easy to completely transform any space into the look you want, whether it’s a warehouse, a barn or even a boat shed.

Venues and decor

Did we hear you say snow-capped mountains? Nature provides some pretty spectacular spots that are incredibly romantic and perfect for weddings. Can you imagine walking down the aisle of the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo, wearing the most elegant of gowns? Minimalism can have huge impact in the right setting. Pop on your wedding boots after the ceremony and head out for a photoshoot full of texture and tone that you’ll never forget.

Harpers Homestead provides intimacy and grandeur at the same time. Rich, warm tones combined with a more modern dress gives a timeless, old-fashioned feel. Simple, classic furniture and an abundance of candles brings simplicity and elegance.

And just because you’re choosing a more traditional venue – a function centre or a restaurant – doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on styling. The architecture of Kauri Bay Boomrock is styling in itself. Imagine sweeping views across the bay from the bridal table, and windswept photos of your equally bold dress ballooning out in the breeze. For a regal feel, add a warm coat for a leafy stroll across the grounds with your partner.

Wedding vibes

There’s plenty of styling ways to achieve the vibe you’re after. A good combination of dress, accessories and venue easily sets the scene for your styling. Then, with some considered planning, add your personal touches until it’s just right.

When you’re ready, take a step back and look at the whole picture. If it seems a bit of a mish-mash (it’s hard not to love everything!), try paring back the picture for a subtler effect. You’ll know what feels right.

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