Hollie’s Story

Hollie knows weddings – she’s a celebrant – so when it came to her own big day, she had some firm ideas about what she did and didn’t like.

After a less-than-ideal hunt for the perfect dress, she ended up at Daisy Brides. The dress she found was not at all what she’d been searching for, but it was, as she said “perfect”. And, rather than being stressful or frustrating, her experience with Daisy ended up being perfect too.

The hunt

In the movies, looking for your wedding dress is a fairy tale – but, in reality, it’s not always so easy and fun: trekking around, shoving your body into scratchy lace and sweaty satin, trying on hideous bedazzled creations just to please your Nana, and trying to imagine what you’d look like without a thousand bulldog clips attached to your back.

Hollie planned a dress-finding day with her Mum and Aunty, but it ended up being more fraught than fun. When she walked into the last stop – Daisy Brides – she was tired and grumpy after a long day of trying on ‘stuff she wasn’t too sure of’.

As Hollie tells it, the store changed the mood of the day from exhaustion to excitement. “I was blown away. It was so exciting – it was stunning in there.”

And it didn’t take long before they spotted The Dress on display – Daisy’s Oxford Rose gown, with a full skirt and beaded sweat-heart neckline bodice.

“We gasped when we saw it,” says Hollie.

Although Hollie ‘just knew’ she’d found the one, she tried on a few others in store first. While Mum and Aunty rested on a comfy couch (it had been a long day) Daisy Brides designer, Katie, set Hollie up with shoes, a veil and even a bouquet, so she could get a real idea of what each dress would look like.

She saved The Dress to the end, and it was perfect – with Mum, Aunty and the bride-to-be dissolving into happy tears. Hollie says that the dress was completely different to anything she had imagined.

“I always said ‘I’m not interested in princess sparkle-sparkle dresses.’ This wasn’t garish with jewels – it was divine.”

The Daisy experience

Once Hollie made the big dress decision, Katie and the Daisy team went into action. Although the dress was part of the Daisy collection, Katie customised it: taking in the waist, enlarging the bust, altering the neckline, and even adding pockets.

They kept Hollie involved, bringing her in for fittings and making sure she was happy at every stage. Because Katie knew Hollie was planning a special first dance, she spent a long time designing the perfect bustle. Hollie also chose her shoes and veil from the Daisy collection.

The Daisy team made the experience, as Hollie says, “the best time.”

“The day we picked up the dress, I had all my bridesmaids with me and they let me get back into it, and I did a reveal. My little boy was always in there with me, and they were so wonderful with him.”

The personal touch

Everyone is excited when they find the perfect dress, but often that excitement wanes through the long process of fittings and alterations. Fortunately for Hollie, designer Katie has enthusiasm to spare, which helped make her experience even more positive.

“Katie’s a lovely person – you come away from a meeting with her feeling good about yourself. To see her get excited with me made me feel excited. She’d say ‘Oh I need to take a photo!’ And that was genuine.”

Katie designs all our Daisy Brides’ dresses. But, unlike many designers, she doesn’t stop there. As Hollie discovered, Katie is very involved with the whole process, from choosing the right dress, to fittings, alterations, and final tweaks.

“I trusted Katie with everything. She was so hands-on. With most other places there’s no way you’d get to meet the designer. She was wonderful.”

The Big Day

After having such a great experience finding the dress, Hollie was beyond excited to wear it at the wedding.

Hollie says when she first tried on the dress, she felt like hiking it up and running through a field in a fit of cinematic glory. And, because your wedding day is the one time you can get away with such things, she has a photo of her doing just that.