Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, right? Even though guys can sometimes be less enthusiastic about wedding outfits, they still want to look good. Here are some things to think about when helping your menfolk plan their get ups.

Match, man

Accessories are a way for men to get creative. Just don’t call them “accessories”! Footwear, socks, ties, pocket squares… most guys get excited about expressing their inner fashionista through at least one of these items. They can mix and match to suit a colour scheme with quirky patterns and styles. Like different dresses on a runway, the current trend for groomsmen and bridesmaids is to be mismatched, while looking like they’re from the same fashion family.

Consider snazzing things up with leather touches too – a chic belt or quirky embellishment can add something special and distinctive.

Bright idea, bro

When it comes to suit colours, think beyond the traditional – these days grooms are wearing brighter, bolder colours. Powder blue, dark brown, rich burgundy – it’s all up for grabs. Just make sure the colours of the suit are cohesive with the wedding’s overall colour scheme, and especially make sure that the groom’s outfit complements the bride’s (or the other groom’s!)

To buy, or not to buy

Unlike most wedding dresses, a carefully chosen suit can be worn again! While hiring is still a great option, stretching the budget to actually buy your suits can mean you’re likely to get a better fit. You’ll also have more daring options available to you if you buy your own.

While it’s often the brides that have very clear ideas about style and colour, it is, after all, the groom’s day too! Chuck out those old fashioned ideas that men don’t care about weddings and take the time to ask yours if he’d like to weigh in. Hopefully he does, which will mean a bit of compromise between your tastes. Settle on some loose guidelines like colour or theme so you both have room to express your own styles, while still looking like a cohesive whole. Of course, if he’s not fussed either way, your job’s a little easier!

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