So, after trying on dozens of dresses, pinning hundreds more, and probably making your Mum cry, you’ve found the perfect wedding gown. The next step is choosing the finishing touches.

Accessories aren’t just a way to add some sparkle and hold your hair up, they can really bring out the personality of your dress. At Daisy Bridal, we help our brides find the perfect hairpieces, veils, and jewellery to complement their chosen gowns. Then there are shoes, beaded belts, shrugs, shawls, floral wreaths – the options are almost endless. If it all sounds like another overwhelming task to add to your list, we can help.

Read on for our head to toe accessory advice:

1: Veil details

From tiny birdcage styles to dramatic floor-length lace – the veil is the classic bridal accessory.

If you do want to wear a veil, make sure to choose one that matches the exact shade of your gown – this is a situation where close enough isn’t good enough. It’s also important to pick a style that works with your gown. If you have a lot of beading, lace, or an open backed gown, keep your veil simple and sheer, so you don’t look too busy. On the other hand, if your dress is simple, you may want to add embellishments like lace or beading to your veil.

Finally, consider your body type: longer veils (like this floor length lace beauty) will elongate your frame if you’re shorter, while mid-length styles tend to suit taller brides. If you’re not sure, a mini veil (such as a birdcage or bandeau) will give you a cute, retro vibe.

2: Hair and headgear

Once the veil comes off (or if you choose not to wear one) you’ll need to think about hair clips, headbands and other embellishments. Hairpieces can be very ornate and sparkly, floral, or small and understated.

Before you choose a hairpiece, choose a hairstyle. Long, tousled styles work with flower crowns or headbands, up-dos look gorgeous with larger hairclips or inset flowers, and shorter hairstyles work well with jewelled clips and headbands.

It’s also worth thinking about your hair type – if you have thick, curly hair, tiny jewels and clips won’t make much of an impact. If you have very fine hair, heavier clips and accessories can simply slip out over the course of the day.

3: Metal matters

When it comes to bridal jewellery, less is more. You don’t need earrings and a necklace and bracelets and rings – a couple of pieces is plenty. Again, think about your dress before you choose jewellery – if you have ornate beading or lace at the neckline, you probably don’t need a necklace. On the other hand, a simple deep V neck looks perfect with a drop pendant, on a very fine, almost invisible chain.

Earrings depend on your hairstyle – long earrings will get lost if your hair is down, but look gorgeous with a glamorous up-do.

Think about colour too. Although we tend to think of metallics as neutral, this isn’t quite true. Warm gold tones tend to work better with darker ivory shades and blush, while cooler silvers and platinums look gorgeous with lighter ivory and on dark brunettes.

4: Wrap it up

Because most New Zealand weddings are held in spring and summer, cover ups are a neglected bridal accessory. But if your wedding is in the cooler months, you’re having an outdoor, evening reception, or you’re getting married in a house of worship that requires shoulder coverage, it’s essential to choose a cover up.

Daisy has a gorgeous range of stoles, boleros, and capelets, which add warmth without sacrificing style. Shawls, wraps, and even the humble cardigan can all work as well.

As usual, it’s important to think about your overall look before you make your choice. If your dress includes ornate detailing on the bodice, choose a smaller, plainer cover up that won’t detract from your look. If your dress has an old Hollywood vibe, a luxe fur stole with jewelled pin would look gorgeous. If you’re going for a cute, retro look with a tea length gown, a cropped cardie would be adorable.

5: Belt it out

Another forgotten accessory? The belt or sash. Most brides don’t think to add these accessories, but they can be a gorgeous way to add a bit of sparkle and shape to your look.

A beaded belt is an easy way to define your waist and add interest if your dress is comparatively plain. Daisy has a range of beaded and jewelled belts which work with many of our gowns.

Sashes can look gorgeous too. For a subtle look, choose a sash in the same shade as your gown to nip you in at the waist. If you’re going retro, you could choose a sash in a light complementary shade, like blush or eggshell blue. Match the sash to your shoes, hairpiece, or even your groom’s tie for extra cuteness.

6: Kick up your heels

Shoes are one of the most important bridal accessories. Get them wrong, and you could spend your entire wedding day limping – not exactly glamorous.

These days, you’re not obliged to wear high heels – jewelled flats, metallic sandals, and even cowboy boots are all becoming more and more common for brides.

If you do want the added height and look of a heel, make sure you choose the right pair. Daisy are exclusive stockists for Badgley Mischka heels. These handcrafted shoes are a dream, with invisible padding and platform heels, so they look incredibly high and elegant without killing your feet. Essential if you’re standing and dancing all day.

Less is more

There are so many gorgeous bridal accessories out there, it’s easy to get carried away. But you don’t need a veil, headpiece, necklace, earrings, sash and bolero – you’ll end up looking incoherent, rather than elegant.

Look at the details and stand out features of your gown, think about your hairstyle, and choose a couple of key accessories to suit. And if you’re unsure about anything, the Daisy team can help you find the perfect finishing touches for your beautiful dress.

Start the accessory search now.

If you need any help send the team at Daisy an email or pop in to visit us. We’d love to hear from you!