6 ways to balance tradition with the wedding of your dreams

Church weddings can create styling hurdles and let’s face it, whether you’re trying to please yourself, your future husband or your aunt, it’s near impossible to keep everyone happy with your wedding choices. But there are ways that you can balance tradition and go for those modern touches your heart is singing for.

Choose church-ready modesty

An obvious solution is choosing a dress that shows less skin. Our Bluebell and Poppy gowns are great examples of how to make the most of a sweet heart neckline for gorgeous glamour, without making your great Aunt blush. And there’s some adorable choices available that both respect custom and will look spectacular against a church backdrop: Calla, Snowdrop, Claudine and Carnation.

Choose fitted styles

If you’re looking to accentuate those curves without appearing overtly sexy, a dress that fits nice and snug will help. These gowns aren’t too flashy but with a few perfectly chosen accessories will still make you look like a princess: AsterPosiePersian IndigoPeonyWrenBluebell, Acacia and Azalea.

Be smart with accessories

If you’ve gone for a traditional gown, adding a delicate birdcage veil can add some modern drama. In fact, there’s a world of headpieces out there that means you can make your mark and not sacrifice on tradition. Combs, clips, crowns and headbands – all beautiful and add detail to your overall style. For a little fun, you can even choose a shoe that adds a pop of colour.

If you’ve gone for a modern gown, you can pare it back using some small traditional pieces. A fur can be great way to cover up with the bonus of added warmth if it turns chilly. For a classic look, add a cape or bolero. Other ways to look a bit more traditional without compromising style: a long face-covering veil or choosing court shoes over strappy stilettos.

Talk to your designer – talk to Daisy

A good designer will be happy to mix things up for you. Dresses can easily be tailored by using modesty panels, and adjusting hemlines and necklines to make them more suitable and you more comfortable. We are here to help, just ask.

Bring everyone to the fitting

If you’re worried the family will have something to say about your final choice, find a designer that can welcome a number of people to your fitting room. Make an event of it. Including them in the decision-making process will reduce the muttered comments on the big day. It’s a genius subtle way of getting what you want and letting them think they’ve got what they want, too.

Two dresses, why not?

If the budget will stretch to it, you could start with a super-traditional gown for the aisle, then, switch it up into your perfect party dress. This also goes if your cultural traditions mean you’d like to wear a non-western gown for your ceremony, like a sari with Mehndi, Kimono, hanbok or heavy red veil. For your reception, you can follow it up with a stunning gown that suits your personal tastes. A dream scenario, really, for a modern traditionalist.

Love your choices

Don’t feel you have to stay traditional just because you’re planning a church wedding. Subtlety is an art. A few smart choices will mean you simply love your dress, and how you feel in it. And that’s the whole point, really.