Trimming the stress off finding your dress

You’re engaged – awesome! This time can whirl by. There’s so much on your agenda – and the dress is one of the big decisions.

I’ve seen both scenarios – brides who have a blast exploring the beauties of their would-be, could-be dresses, and those who find it so stressful they consider calling the whole thing off! If you’re in the second group I’m here to help…

Here are my top tips to make it less stressy and more dressy!

Know yourself

You’ll have the most fun when you’re feeling energised and focused. Do you feel best in the morning, right after your first coffee? Use that caffeine hit! Maybe you’re the most productive in the afternoon, when you’ve had a chance to ease into the day. It’s a major life hack to work out when your brain is at its peak and do your shopping then.

Try new things

Be open to trying dresses you may not have considered at first. Last month a bride who had made an appointment to try on a dress was dead set on this one particular dress, but we convinced her to try a gown off the rack from our Daisy range. She put it on, fell in love and got married in it. Never underestimate a dress on a hanger! You’d be surprised at how different they look on you.

Detective work

Weddings are not a “this’ll do” event. I’ve heard horror stories where brides get nothing but bad service as soon as they’ve put their money down. The trick is to do some digging – where you get or alter your dress can be as important as the dress itself. Listen to word of mouth, use Google, shop around and read testimonials. Most importantly you should have as many face-to-face conversations as possible.

Communication is key

Every designer will tell you, there is no such thing as a silly question or too much information when it comes to your wedding dress. Be upfront about your preferences, budget and time constraints. If something is unclear be sure to ask, even if it’s embarassing. You’ll be grateful not to encounter the issue later. Remember, if in doubt: ask, ask, ask again!

Good timing

A specially made dress will need at least six months to be tailored and meticulously decorated. Getting an existing dress altered will need at least three months. It is far better for your stress levels to have the dress ready to go early.

Bare all

During fittings always go nude. Underwear that is! Flesh coloured undergarments give the most accurate representation of how your dress is currently looking. There’s no need to feel self-conscious; dressmakers have seen it all before.

Second opinions

A trusty bridesmaid or two will happily donate their time for support. Just remember to keep meetings and fittings focussed on the task at hand: creating your dream wedding dress. Taking an entourage to your appointments will waste the time that you could spend perfecting your gown. If you wish to, share progress with the masses using photos instead. That’s having your wedding cake and eating it.

To my lovely brides-to-be: attaining your dream wedding dress doesn’t have to be hellish. Dedicating quality time, being discerning about who you hire and effectively communicating with all parties involved will leave little left to stress over.

Feel free to contact us at Daisy for any advice you need along the way. We want to make sure every wedding detail runs seamlessly.