This year, bridal trends have proved especially exciting for the bride seeking something unexpected. Today, Daisy unveils its new collection for 2022, Daisy Curate, for those looking to stand out from the crowd. The fresh talents behind Daisy have ushered in a more dynamic and diverse bridal fashion scene, tapping into the trend and increasing desire for personalisation. 

No matter your personal style, Daisy is driving of-the-moment bridal fashion, offering twists on the traditional staples we’ve grown accustomed to.

After a year on pause, fashion has never been more focused on personal style. Historically, weddings have been steeped in tradition and a long list of style expectations – but no more are couples-to-be confined by convention. After a period of pause for weddings, the unexpected silver lining is couples considering what they truly want and how to best express that through style.

From the rehearsal dinner to ceremony to the reception, and every other celebration after that, Daisy’s designs invite the wearer to be their truest self. Layers, bridal jackets, and detachable sleeves, make bridalwear feel a little less serious, while remaining timeless. 

Playful without being impractical, timeless but never boring, fun but by no means tacky, the Daisy Curate collection champions wearable, affordable wedding dresses that make every bride feel beautiful.

Dresses are designed to suit a range of personalities, styles and body shapes with sizes spanning UK 0-36. Whether you already have a vision or don’t know where to start, Daisy offers a unique and refreshing approach to bridal, without the pushiness.

Daisy Curate Collection 2022

Designed to be loved for generations, Daisy Curate encompasses a refined edit of contemporary pieces intended to be mixed and matched, all while resolving every bride’s bugbear: you can wear it again…and again. In fact, Daisy’s pieces are designed for just that. With longevity well beyond the wedding day, individual elements can be re-worn at other celebratory occasions such as engagement parties, awards, functions or dinners – any moment where it’s important to shine and feel beautiful. 

The collection is as unique as you. Sleeves, necklines and fabrics can all be adjusted, with each piece then handmade to ensure brides are creating a perfectly tailored look. Whether it’s statement sleeves pared back with sneakers, a structured skirt juxtaposed with a denim jacket or bright stilettos peeping underneath a two-piece suit, personality is core to Daisy’s DNA. Ultimately, it’s authenticity that makes the finished look that much more special.

Flawless fit is another non-negotiable during Daisy’s design process. Gowns and separates crafted from luxurious fabrics are designed to naturally move with your body. Expertly cut with superior comfort, Daisy brides are guaranteed to look and feel stunning at every stage of their special day. 

‘We strongly believe that feeling confident and beautiful is a right for brides of all shapes and sizes, not a privilege. We don’t care who you are or where you’re from or what you believe. We only care that you’re in love and that you want to celebrate that love,’ says Katie Yeung, head designer of Daisy.


In an environmental sense, transitional pieces provide infinite opportunities to wear again for more sustainable bridalwear. The Daisy bride doesn’t want to wear her treasured garments just once, to sit in her wardrobe for years. She wants it to have a second life, which was also a key consideration in designing the collection, according to Yeung.

Below, peruse the Daisy Curate collection and find all the style inspiration you need ahead of your big day.

Daisy Street

Undeniably chic, Daisy Street possesses an effortless feel. Think curated gowns, skirts, tops, capes, jackets and wraps. Channelling cool and collected vibes, these qualities are translated into the ultimate fashion-forward ensemble for a seamless day.

Daisy Curve

No matter your size or shape, your wedding dress should make you feel beautiful and confident. With a range of silhouettes, Daisy Curve celebrates your curves, but most importantly, your unique sense of style. Styles include gowns, skirts, tops, capes, jackets and wraps for a fluid, figure-flattering fit. Available in sizes up to NZ 34.

Mix and Match

Whether it’s an intimate affair or full-blown grandeur, the Daisy Mix and Match edit is designed with the modern bride in mind. The best part? You can relieve the momentous occasion time after time with wraps, skirts, tops and jackets encourage second and third wear. Or, even better, simply add or remove a layer to change-up your look during the day.

Check out Daisy Curate collection 2022 online now and book in for a fitting.