Hide or highlight – it’s up to you

Whether you’re after an edgy modern look, a super-traditional gown, or something in between, you want to look your best on your wedding day. And that means highlighting your favourite features – and playing down the bits you don’t love quite so much.

Loving your body is a fantastic ideal, but in reality, we all have areas we’re less than confident about. Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to wedding dresses, so you can play up your best bits, and play down the others. It’s about feeling beautiful and confident on your big day, whatever your body type.

The long and short of it

Love your legs? Although the majority of Daisy’s gowns are floor length, we do have options for the leggy bride.

The adorable Poppy gown gives you a flash of ankle under stunning lace, The dreamy Desert Lily gives a flash of leg when you walk, and the Allium has a beautiful lace brimmed high split to the thigh.

Fit and flow

The fit of your dress can help you highlight – or hide – your waist, stomach and bottom. Close-fitting dresses like the WrenPosie, RosieAster and Sand Lily hug your curves and give you a sexy hourglass shape.

On the other hand, if you’re uncomfortable emphasising your waist and stomach, choose a flowing gown with a higher waist and fuller skirt, like the Snow Lotus, Snowpea and Daffodil.

Cleavage versus coverage

Whether you’re generously endowed or… less so, you choose the level of cleavage and coverage you’re comfortable with. The majority of our gowns are designed with built-in bust support, so you get to choose the look and feel you prefer.

If you don’t like feeling exposed, choose a higher necked gown, like the Peony, or the Azalea. Or if you do like a bit of cleavage, choose a deep V like on the Rosie.

Finally, there’s the increasingly popular middle option of a plunging neckline with lace overlay – our Poppy, Bluebell, and Claudine gowns all let you show a bit of skin without feeling too exposed.

Call to arms

Many women feel uncomfortable exposing their shoulders and upper arms. Luckily, bridal fashion has moved away from the ubiquitous strapless gowns of the 90s, so there are sleeves and other coverage options everywhere.

Daisy has a number of gowns with long, delicate lace sleeves – the Calla, Claudine Long Sleeves, Allium and Anemone are both gorgeous examples. We also have cap sleeves and shorter options – like the Poppy and Mallow gowns.

If you do love your arms and shoulders, then we have you covered – or not – with strapless choices like the Oxford Rose, plus plenty of sleeveless options.

Show some skin

No matter your size or shape – you don’t have to drape yourself in a shapeless white gown, you can choose to show off some skin – it’s your day, after all. And cleavage isn’t your only option.

Some of our less conventional wedding gowns – like the Royena and the Lorre– let you expose a subtle flash of midriff. Others – the Azalea and Wren, for example – feature dramatic cut-outs and lace at the back, showing skin in a less obvious way.

Your day, your way

Choosing a wedding dress is incredibly personal. You want to highlight the areas of your body you love and downplay the ones you don’t – but that’s easier said than done.

At Daisy, we have fit and coverage options to suit every bride and every body type. We believe in trying on a range of different styles – don’t limit yourself to the floaty gowns just because you’re curvy, or avoid strapless dresses because you have a larger bust. You might just find that you feel your best in something you wouldn’t have expected.

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