Break stereotypes, feel confident, be unapologetically you.


A new year means a new styled shoot for Daisy Brides, and this one was not only a tonne of fun, it was also personal. Katie sees first hand how women lack confidence because they don’t look like the image that models and influencers can portray. That’s why she’s created Celebrating You, to broaden the narrow idea of beauty and champion authenticity.

Everyone is entitled to love and to be loved, so why does it matter what you look like or where you come from or what size dress you fit into?

Katie, and everyone at Daisy Brides, 100% believe that it’s the differences that make people interesting; that make YOU interesting! Your crazy quirks, those adorable freckles or luscious curves. We open heartedly celebrate these idiosyncrasies and want you to as well. Never feel like you don’t belong or don’t deserve to look a particular way, instead break the mould and blaze the trail for others to feel comfortable in their own skin by expressing yourself with honesty.

Accept who you are, where you are from, and what size you are – without apology.

In real life, we’re not all models. The majority of women are larger than a size six and from all kinds of backgrounds. As Katie says, “Social Media is a very narrow and an often skewed version of reality. Instead, go sit in a shopping mall and look at real people. That is what normal is. It’s everything, dark, light, tall, short, big boobs, small bum. No-one is the same.” Hallelujah to that!

With girls from Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia (and NZ!), and ranging from size 8 to size 16, tall and short, Celebrating You is an amazing reflection of the true scope of femininity. And apart from all the girls obviously being beautiful, we were also overwhelmed with the personal stories from our models. From studying marine biology, to costume designing, a ball room dancing star, and an opera singer, we related to one another’s experiences and their highs and lows of life. Because underneath the surface we’re all the same. 

So remember, don’t feel like you have to change in order to submit to a preconceived ideal of what the perfect woman is. It’s all the little idiosyncrasies which makes you, you. Be yourself, feel comfortable, celebrate you!