Daisy Brides – Wedding Dresses by Katie Yeung

Olivia's story

March 2016

Olivia didn’t want just any old wedding dress. She is a fashion forward woman and she wanted something that would reflect her distinctive personal style – and perfectly fits her. After spending months poring over UK bridal magazines, she had a very specific vision in mind. Luckily, she found Katie, the founder and designer of Daisy bridal, and ended up with her dream dress, in time for her dream wedding day.

Finding the dress

After the whirlwind of congratulations, celebratory champagne, and engagement parties, Olivia and her fiancée got started the hard part - planning. They settled on a small, intimate wedding, mainly with family. This meant they didn’t blow the budget on venue on food, and Olivia could go all out on the dress.

Olivia has always been into fashion and beauty. For her, finding the perfect dress didn’t mean popping into the shop up the road, it meant looking overseas. She spent months hunting through UK bridal mags like Cosmo Bride and Brides UK, before settling on a stunning couture design. She wasn’t going to find it on a rack in New Zealand, so the next step was finding someone to make it.

She says, “I had a really specific idea of what I wanted for my dress, which was good in some ways - I didn’t really spend lots of time trying on random dresses in shops. But it did make it hard, because I had to hunt around to find someone who could make my dress exactly like I wanted it.”

Comfortable in more ways than one

For Olivia, the look of the dress was important, but it wasn’t the only consideration. She wanted great fabrics and workmanship, and she wanted to be comfortable with the designer.

This is how she puts it: ““I wanted something made to fit and flatter my body. And I wanted to work with someone nice. I was really nervous about trying on 'off the rack' dresses with judgy sales ladies watching.”

A recommendation from older sister Belinda, who had been married in 2013, led to Katie at Daisy at Hera Bridal (Belinda also wore a dress designed by Katie). Katie combined a relaxed approach with incredible design skills - she was happy to listen to Olivia’s ideas and figure out how to make them a reality. Unlike many bridal designers, Katie made the dress for her, rather than simply altering an existing dress. This meant it fit her body perfectly.

Because the dress involved some complex design elements - like cascading feathers - construction took a little while. Olivia was involved throughout the process, with several fittings and consultations to make sure the team were on track.

She says: “My dress idea wasn’t exactly simple, so I knew it would take a while. Katie kept me in the loop the whole time so I wasn’t stressing about it being done. And it was definitely worth the wait.”

Dream come true

In the end, Olivia’s dress dreams came true. Katie was able to turn her ideas into a real, live, made-to-order couture gown. On the big day, she didn’t feel like a princess (that wasn’t really the goal), she felt like her best, prettiest, most stylish self. And you can’t ask for more than that.

“I absolutely loved my dress. I felt so beautiful and comfortable, and I got tons of compliments. I’m really glad I stuck to my guns and didn’t just buy something off the rack.”

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