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How to be A Bride (and still be you)

March 2016

Something I know from my years in the wedding industry is that there’s no right way to be a bride: thin or fat, long hair, pixie cut or dreads, wearing a full face of makeup or nothing at all, in a big frilly white dress, a hot pink leopard print jumpsuit, or a t-shirt and shorts. I’ve seen all kinds of gorgeous brides who’ve taken who they are and celebrated it. That’s what weddings are all about right? You’re getting married because someone thinks you’re the best person they know!

There’s a problem I see sometimes, though, when women have a picture in their head about what A Bride should look like. You know: long hair, slim waist and long white dress. It’s not surprising, since that image is all you see in wedding magazines and in ads for gowns or wedding shows.

I’ve seen how easy it is to start unconsciously believing that because you’re getting married, you should try you look like that too. I’ve seen future brides who love their bodies start dropping weight; ones who’ve always looked gorgeous in a short do and glasses start growing out their hair and getting contact lenses. Mums, Mothers-in-law, friends and pushy salespeople don’t help either. They’ve had that stereotype drummed into them too.

Part of what we do at Daisy is giving you the space to be your own kind of bride. We do big white dresses, of course, but that’s the beginning, not where we stop. We think you should get to choose what Being A Bride looks like for you.

Wear white if you want to, wear red if you want to. Choose the big, fluffy dress or the sleek little mini. Do some extra exercise if it makes you feel good, but don’t buy a smaller size because you feel inadequate. Pick a hairstyle that makes you feel awesome, not like someone else. Wear your glasses if you feel best in them. Don’t feel you have to cover your tattoos, or your cleavage, or your round shoulders just because you have to look like A Bride. It’s up to you!

I’m not saying you have to throw out every wedding tradition – sometimes being the storybook bride is exactly what you want! I’d just encourage you to pick the parts that are right for you, rather than feeling squished into a little white bridal box. Whatever you look like, you’ll be a happy, radiant bride, because you’ll be you, getting married J.

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